Foam Insulation Types

There are two main foams that are widely applied.
One is two pound closed cell foam, and the other is half pound open cell foam.

  • Two pound closed cell foam is is the denser of the two foams, rated at R-6 to R-7 per inch applied. As the liquid is sprayed and the foam forms it traps gas particles in the foam to increase its R-value. When applied at a two inch thickness or above a vapor barrier is achieved. This product is very strong and actually ties the structure together giving it added strength (Up to 45% stronger). This product can be applied most anywhere and is great in basement and crawl spaces – where moisture is an issue.
  • Half pound open cell foam is is a water blown material, meaning that air is trapped in the particles to give its insulating ability. The open cell is rated at R-3.7 per inch applied. This does not create a vapor barrier but does seal every crack and crevice just like closed cell. This product is great for roof underside applications, walls, attics, and many other areas. This foam is softer and more easily shaved if the goal is to fill a stud cavity and eliminate a gap behind the drywall.

Blown-in insulation types

  • Cellulose and fiberglass are the two most popular types of blown insulation.
  • Fiberglass and cellulose when installed at the proper depths will give your attic sufficient insulation.  Cellulose seems to settle over time and fiberglass does not settle once installed.
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